Faith Community

The Fargo Moorhead community is a rich and beautiful tapestry of religious and cultural diversity.   The robust economy and large higher education presence continues to attract people of religious and cultural diversity to the region.


The FM area has abundant Christian congregations ready to welcome visitors and residents to worship services.  In addition, Fargo Moorhead is proud to have many Hindu residents, the Jewish synagogue Temple Beth-El, a Baha’i congregation, several active Buddhist communities, and a Muslim community of more than 5,000 people.  Native American spirituality contributes an essential component to the cultural and religious life of the region, as embodied in the Fargo Moorhead Native American Center.  Non-religious folks also call Fargo Moorhead home, with organizations like the Lake Agassiz Free Thinkers.

If you are considering making a move, let Fargo Moorhead surprise you.

Additional Information

Center for Interfaith Projects

The mission of the Center for Interfaith Projects is to educate the community about different faiths and secular world views; increase understanding and respect across lines of difference; foster interfaith cooperation to solve community problems; and help individuals in search of a spiritual or secular home to find one.

Forum on Faith and Life

The Forum on Faith and Life, established by Concordia College in 2011, is an interfaith resource center that provides the community opportunities to encounter the interfaith and intra-faith neighbor and grow in mutual understanding and respect.  Concordia College’s Better Together Interfaith Alliance student organization has gleaned national recognition and awards for its interfaith cooperation efforts in the the F-M area.

If your religious or spiritual community was not listed or for more information contact:

David Myers, Ph.D
Founder and Executive Director, Center for Interfaith Projects
Phone: 701-388-7368
[email protected]

Jacqueline Bussie, Ph.D
Director, Forum on Faith and Life
Concordia College Associate Professor
Phone: 218-299-3482
[email protected]