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Welcome to North of Normal! Meet your Community Champions. These Champions are here to give you the full experience of what it’s like to live North of Normal. Discover their Top 5 of Fargo and what they enjoy most about living in the FM Area.

We welcome you to connect with one of these community champions. They will be your ambassadors on your journey north.

Jess Mullen Champion

Jessica Mullen

I enjoy cooking, spending time with family & friends, spending time outdoors, and traveling to new places whenever I can!

I am a young professional in the Fargo-Moorhead area, residing on the Moorhead side but grew up & attended Fargo Davies High School. I graduated from the University of North Dakota & made my way back to the Fargo-Moorhead area to join the workforce. I enjoy the small city, big town feel that the Greater Fargo area holds.

“The Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area has a strong sense of community, opportunity, & livelihood. There is an abundance of career opportunities, many professional events & career expos where you can discover, network, & learn more about all the businesses in our area. You can always find community events happening. Music, theatre, art, & great food are not hard to find.”
John Machacek

John Machacek

Family, Community, Coffee Shops, Downtown, Travel

Professionally, my role is to help, connect and promote the many facets of our entrepreneurial ecosystem and our growing community. Personally, I enjoy taking in as much as I can with all the things to do here. And often I just enjoy sitting in a coffee shop to work or have a conversation.

“I moved here for college 30 years ago and never left. Since then, I’ve not only witnessed the growth of tangibles like population, jobs, businesses and amenities, but intangibles like the appreciation and support for creativity, and the positive, collaborative and caring mindset. The community is full of cool people and you can take an active role.”
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Vibrant People in Vibrant Places

Our community is one of a kind. The FM area is home to numerous nonprofits, organizations, professional networks, clubs, not to mention, so many events.

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