Uniquely you

Yeah, we’re unique.

And that little unexpected spark is what makes people love it here.

Culture of innovation

We believe in the better way. Around here, we’re always growing, adapting and learning. From startups to product innovations, you can count on business here to keep you on your toes.

Jobs for every interest

Whatever your passion, we’ve got a career for you. From education to technology to the arts, the region’s diverse industries provide options for everyone.

College towns at heart

Home to three four-year colleges and several trade schools and community colleges, the Fargo-Moorhead area is 30,000 students strong.

Ah, summer … and awesome snowmen

You’ll love the outdoor concerts, miles of trails, beautiful parks and all the summer season has to offer. And when the snow falls, you can make some serious snowmen.

Food, breweries, shopping, events

Hip, distinctive, quirky. The Fargo area is happening. And thanks to the thriving entrepreneurial spirit, new things are popping up all the time.

Welcome Party

New or new-ish to Fargo? We’re so happy to have you we’re throwing you a party, complete with live music, treats and prizes.

The Woodchipper

That’s right. The original Fargo movie prop and its stunt double call Fargo home. See it and selfie away.