Dining & Shopping

So you might be wondering  – is there anything to do in Fargo Moorhead? The answer is absolutely! In fact, you may never run out of places to eat, shop or things to do. No, really. There’s a lot of really good food and thankfully, plenty to keep us active too… but that’s another page.


Catering to your taste buds, the region offers everything from fine dining to ethnic cuisine to quick service options.  Nearly 400 restaurants provide culinary variety to suit your interest and budget, with 150 of them unique to Fargo-Moorhead.



There’s also plenty of shopping in the Fargo Moorhead region. Start with West Acres the largest mall in North Dakota with more than 120 stores. There are also plenty of unique shops and boutiques to choose from in downtown Fargo and across the metro. And don’t forget to check out the many great retail options on the Minnesota side like the Moorhead Center Mall where you won’t pay any sales tax.